Can’t Shut Down Computer

Dear Computer Lady,

I Have a Windows XP. I can not shut my computer down using the start button. I have to use my button on my modem. It keeps on starting back up.

We were on the phone with a hp tech for 2 hrs and never got our problem fixed. Now we cant shut the computor off.

Thank you, Robert

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Dear Robert,

I have seen this problem a few times on a couple of computers, and both times the only fix was to do a clean install of Windows.

This is not a setting that you can change, but most likely a symptom of software rot. Let me explain what that is. When your computer was new, it had a fresh installation of Windows, and it ran the way it was supposed to. Over time, you have used the computer, made changes to it, and started it up then shut it down hundreds of times. Occasionally, small mistakes are bound to happen. Over time, these mistakes build up, and cause your computer to either slow down, or sometimes features will stop working completely. Many computer techs refer to this as, software rot.

Software rot can only be fixed by doing a clean install of Windows. You need to reformat (erase) the hard drive and then install Windows and all your programs. Your HP computer either has a set of recovery disks, or a special recovery program on the hard drive that will erase the hard drive and put the computer back in the same condition it was in when you first bought it. Then all you need to do is install all the windows updates, set your email back up, and restore the files that you backed up. This is a service that I frequently do for my customers.


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