Change Default Font in WordPad

Hi Computer Lady,

I am using Win 7 ‘Home Premium’ (64-bit).

My question: can I setup default settings in WordPad so that the line spacing stays the way I want it unless I choose to change it. I use the same line spacing 99% of the time. I have to stop and change all the settings each time I use it.

I would like to set up my ‘own’ font default also. I use WordPad maybe 25 times a day, so you can see this is a real hassle for me.

Love “Ask The Computer Lady” and have for many years now.

Thank you for your help. Rosalee


Deard Rosalee,

Microsoft provides WordPad with every version of Windows, however, it is a very basic word processing program without the powerful options found in programs like Microsoft Word.

Setting up your own default template is not an option that I could find in WordPad.

If you can’t afford a full featured word processing program like Word, you can always download and install OpenOffice from

OpenOffice includes a word processing program named, “Writer”, which will allow you to set up a custom default template.


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