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Dear Computer Lady,

When I first purchased my E-Machine window XP (I do like XP) the monitor would click off after 10 minutes and I wanted my sideshow to be on.

Tech support broke their rules and told me what to click so the monitor stays on. For some reason they did not consider that a tech support question but anyhooo, my monitor has mysteriously gone back to its wicked ways and goes blank after a few minutes instead of showing my slideshow.

I don’t remember what I was told to do but if I had it in print I could fix it should my computer becomes sulky again.

Thank you, Mrs. Miller


Dear Mrs. Miller,

It sounds like the power saving settings have changed. Here is how you can change them back to the way you want them.

Since you have Windows XP, these directions are for XP.

1. Right click on a blank spot on your desktop, and click on “Properties”.

2. The display properties window will open. Click on the “Screen Saver” tab.

3. On the Screen Saver page, click on the button that says, “Power.. .”

4. On the Power Options Properties page, find the setting that says, “Turn off Monitor”, and click the drop down list to change the setting to, “Never”.

5. Once you click on Never, click “OK” twice to save your changes and close the window.


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    • ron007
    • August 8, 2010

    Since it is company computer, I’m willing to bet that the problem will re-occur. I’m willing to bet that the company has a procedure to scan desktop configuration and “correct” it when it is not standard. Apparently the company has a policy/standard to lock the PC after 10 minutes idle. Constantly changing the setting in violation of corporate policy could lead to a visit from the “computer police”.

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