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Dear Computer Lady,

Hi and it’s really nice to know that you have this site for people who, like myself, need some assistance. I do have a question.

I click on the START MENU and bring up PROGRAMS, ACCESSORIES, SYSTEM TOOLS, DISC CLEANUP, Then SELECT DRIVE comes up and I click OK The window DISC CLEANUP FOR (C) comes up and there is an unchecked box titled OLD chkdsk FILES, it reads out at 9000KB

My question is what does “chk” stand for? Should I check the box and include it along with the other two checked boxes titled downloaded program files & temporary internet files to keep deleted?

9000KB is around 9 mgs and yet I’m apprehensive as to deleting it!

I certainly will appreciate your help. Warm Regards, JP


Dear JP,

Files that end in .chk are checkdisk files. These are simply lost file fragments cleaned from the disk. When you run the DOS or Windows disk checking programs they can find errors and may write these out as file fragments in .CHK files. 

Where did these lost file fragments come from? Usually they are the results of your computer freezing up or crashing while you are working on a file. If you were working on a Word document and the computer crashed, it is possible to salvage your document from the file fragments, there is special software written just for that purpose. Most of the time, you already have saved a copy of your document, or it is not critical information that has been lost.

As long as you are not missing any critical files on your computer, you can safely delete all the .CHK files on your computer. When I clean out a computer, that is one of the things I do for my customers.



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