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Dear Computer Lady,

Is there a good freeware clipboard program to use with Win 8?

The windows clipboard only hold 1 but I like to go back a couple of clips to use it again.

Thanks, Red

Dear Red,

I use a clipboard manager every day in my work, so I know exactly what you are looking for.

With a little bit of research, I was able to find two freeware programs, but I have not used either of them, so download at your own risk.

The first one is a program called, Ditto. You can find it at:

The second is Yankee-Clipper. I have heard about this one in the past, but again, I have not used it. You can check it out at your own risk at:

The program that I use (every day that I use my computer) is Clipmate at:
I have been using ClipMate for longer than I can remember, and at $34.95, it has been a bargain for me. I use it to write this newsletter, I use it to save collections of code when creating websites, I use it to add my info at the bottom of every post on my blog.
In addition to saving clips, I use it to remove linebreaks, add linebreaks in the right spots, remove capitol letters, add then back in the right spot, and even spellcheck my writing.
Clipmate also allows me to copy multiple items one after the other, then either combine them into 1 clip, or paste then in new locations in the same or reverse order that I copied them in.



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