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Hello computer lady,

I have a lot of junk, error, and unused hidden files. How do I remove them????

From, Dave


Dear Dave,

It always makes me a little nervous when people start cleaning their hard drive because what frequently happens is that they delete something that they think they don’t need, and then when they turn their computer back on, it won’t work.

The key to getting rid of files that you don’t need on your computer is to do it safely.

What kind of files can you safely remove? I would start by cleaning out your temporary files.

You can clean out your temporary internet files by accessing the options in your web browser.

You can also delete any files on your computer that end with .tmp as those are temporary files that may have been left behind by a program that crashed or was closed incorrectly.

As for the remaining files that you have mentioned, I would not delete them unless you are absolutely sure that they are not needed by your computer. The main reason for hidden files is so that the user won’t accidentally delete them.

Instead, get yourself a good program for cleaning up the computer like Ccleaner at:

Or Tune-Up Utilities 2011 at:

Click Here For Tune-Up Utilities

These programs will scan your hard drive and advise you on what files are safe to remove, and then remove them for you.


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