Do I Need PC Cleaners?

Dear Computer Lady,

I enjoy your email so much and you have enlightened me also. I am not a computer person, but I am learning.

My question is are PC Cleaners or cleaner uppers for a computer a good deal. Do I have to have a pc cleaner to find mistakes/problems/issues on my pc?

Thank you in advance you are terrific!!


Dear Ellen,

You don’t have to purchase a PC Cleaning program to find issues on your PC or to clean them up.

Windows has built in cleaning tools, and there is a great, free tool that you can download called Ccleaner.

First, Windows comes with a tool called, Disk Cleanup. The easiest way to find it is to click on your start button, then type, “Disk Cleanup”.

You can also access it by right-clicking on your C: drive, clicking “Properties” then click on “Disk Cleanup”.

For a slightly more advanced tool, you can use CCleaner at The free version is fine unless you want it to run scheduled cleanings and do automatic updates.

I hope this helps you keep your computer running in top condition.



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