How To Avoid Double Spacing in WordPad

Dear Computer Lady,

I sure appreciate and learn a lot from your newsletters. Have been receiving them for years .Thanks so much.

Could you please tell me if there is a way to change Word Pad from double spacing when typing. Note Pad does not do this which is nice. I find double spacing takes up a lot of space

Thanks in advance, Elaine

Dear Elaine,

I use Notepad every week, but I don’t use WordPad quite as often. Both applications come free with every version of Microsoft Windows so it is good to become familiar with them.

I opened up WordPad on my Windows 10 computer, (if you don’t know where to find it, just tap the windows logo key on your keyboard and type wordpad) and did a little experimenting. Here is what I found.

If you just type and let the text wrap (go to the next line when it runs out of space) without using the “Enter” key on your keyboard, it will automatically wrap the text to the next line using single space.

The problem you are describing is when you use the enter key to go to the next line, WordPad automatically inserts a double space.

There are a couple of ways to get around this problem, first is to hold down the shift key when pressing “enter”. This will give you a single space.

The second method has to be done at the beginning of each document. You can’t save formatting defaults in WordPad like you can in more expensive programs like Word.

1. Open your WordPad document.
2. Click “Select All” in the ribbon.
3. Click on the “Paragraph” icon to open the paragraph dialog box.
4. Set the line spacing to 1. and remove the check from “Add 10pt space after paragraphs”.
5. Click the “OK” button.

I usually just hold down the shift key while pressing “Enter” since this works in most typing programs.



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