How to Change The Font in WordPad

Dear Computer Lady,

I would like to change the font in wordpad. In fact I would like to use word pad instead.

I save my recipes on the computer and would like to change the font and it will not stay. Keeps asking me if I change the font I will lose all the formatting????? Can’t figure that out.

My point IS to change the font. I am saving things in a .txt form.

Thanks for your help, Flo

Dear Flo,

It is possible to change the font in WordPad (but not NotePad) as long as you are saving the file as a rich text file (.rtf) or a Word document (.doc).

Unfortunately, you cannot change the font in a plain text document (.txt) which is the format you are saving your recipes in.

The warning about losing the formatting is probably displayed when you go to save or resave your file in plain text format.

Plain text format is just the text, no formatting like bold or italic letters, no fonts, or different font sizes.

If you want to save text formatting with your document, try saving it in the rich text format (.rtf).


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