How To Create Shortcuts on Desktop

[ad]Dear Elizabeth,

I have a new Gateway Computer with Windows 7.

I could always make a shortcut on my desktop from my old computer running XP.

I cannot make a shortcut with this PC with windows 7. I right click on my desktop, go down to “new” in the box and it says “empty”. Keep clicking and I cannot create a shortcut.

Do you have any answers for my problem.? I use shortcuts quite a bit.

Thank you, Wilma

Dear Wilma,

I use an easier method to create shortcuts, and it should work in any version of Windows. Here is how.

1. Open Windows explorer and navigate to the folder containing the file you want to create your shortcut to.

2. Using your RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON, drag the file from its location to your desktop.

3. When you release your right mouse button, you will see a small context menu appear, click on the option that says, “Create Shortcut Here” to create a shortcut to your file.

If you are creating a shortcut to a website using Internet Explorer, just right-click on a blank spot on the web page, and click on “Create Shortcut”.



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