How To Delete Works Documents

[ad]Dear Computer Lady,

I have Microsoft Works Word processor . It does not give me the option to delete anything I save there.

Is there a way other than pulling down “file” or “edit” and choosing?

Thanks for your time.

May God bless your life in an awesome way today! Red

Dear Red,

I am so glad you included the steps you are taking to try and delete your documents in your question, that makes it easier for me to see what you are doing, and tell you a way that will work.

You actually need to leave Works, and use Windows Explorer (or File Explorer in Windows 8) to delete your Works documents.

You also need to know where the file you want to delete is located on your computer.

First, open Windows Explorer.
Click on “Documents” if that is where your file is located. (Usually word processing documents are located in the documents folder) and locate the file.

Right-click on the file you want to get rid of, and click “Delete” in the context menu.



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