How To Keep The Windows 10 Upgrade Prompt From Coming Back

[ad]Dear Computer Lady,

I really like your newsletter,and up until now I have followed your directions to others to solve my problems. This time however, I need more help.

Like you told Harlan, I have removed KB3035583, but each time I update, it comes back. I changed it to manual update, to not install Windows 10, My friend had a terrible time with it on her HP Computer, which I have as well. She went through a lot to get it off, with HP, and I don’t want to go there now. I do have 8.1 and since got this computer, with Windows 8, then my son changed it to auto update and I got 8.1. I prefer to let it show me the updates, then I choose when to do the actual update. Is there anyway to get back to that?

Thanks so much for all your help, through the newsletter., You make it easy to understand.

Sincerely, Missy Cat

Dear Missy,

All you need to do to stop the Windows 10 upgrade prompt from returning is to hide the update that contains the prompt.

Here is how to do that in Windows 8.1

1. Tap the windows logo key, and type, “Control Panel” in the start screen.

2. Click on “Control Panel” in the search results.

3. Click on “System and Security”, then click on “Windows Update”.

4. You should see that there are important updates available, click on the blue words telling you how many important updates are available to see the list.

5. Find update named, “KB3035583” right click on it, and click, “Hide Update” in the context menu that appears.

Now that you have hidden the update, Windows will no longer try to install it.



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