How to Organize Your Desktop

Dear Computer Lady,

The longer I use my computer, the more icons there are cluttering up my desktop.

What can I do to make it neat and clean again?



A folder with files that can be dragged into it.

Dear Beth,

To have a neater desktop, you want to start by going through and deleting the icons that you don’t use. Many programs put advertisements for their website on your desktop, or a link to get free AOL. These shortcuts, you can just drag to the recycle bin, or right click on them and then click “Delete”.

Once you have gotten rid of the junk, you can try to group icons into folders.

For example, I made a folder on my desktop named “Web Design” and moved all the shortcuts for programs that I use when designing websites into that folder.

Now when I want to work on a website, I just open that folder and chose the program I want to use.

You can do the same thing with website shortcuts you might have on your desktop, or programs like games.

To create a folder on your desktop, just right click on the desktop, point to “New” and then click on “Folder”. Type a name for your new folder and you are all set to use it. To move icons into your new folder, just drag them to the new folder with your mouse and release them.

If you are using Windows 7, you can quickly create a new folder using your keyboard. Just press Ctrl, Shift, and the letter N. Type a name for your folder and press “enter”.


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    • SeasiderWR
    • June 9, 2012

    Elizabeth –
    I ‘cleaned up my desktop’ with a handy little (FREE!) program called “Rocketdock’. It can be positioned top, bottom or sides…..hidden – out of sight. Move the cursor to the position you have hidden it, and Voila! – it appears, with all of the icons that used to clutter my desktop! I love it!


    • littlepitcher
    • June 9, 2012

    If you would rather see your home screen’s art work than a mess of icons, I recommend a free app called Launchy. It installs a search box on your desktop which allows you to delete all of those darned icons and just type in the first few letters of the program you want to open.

    • colnunn
    • June 10, 2012

    I start with a folder on the desktop, called Desltop Tidy or some such, in which I then place other folders such as downloads, games, internet, utilities etc. Then open the desktop folder and drag the items on the desktop into the secondary folders.

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