How To Remove Items From MSCONFIG

Dear Computer Lady,

How do I remove deleted program entries from MSCONFIG’s start up menu?

I found several entries of programs which I assumed were removed a while ago. How do I get rid of these entries and their check boxes from the MSCONFIG start up menu list?

I’m running Windows 7.

Bruce from Alberta

Dear Bruce,

If you remove the program using the Control Panel’s “Uninstall A Program” feature, the entries should be removed from the startup list as well. If a program is removed by just deleting the files, the registry entries will not be removed.

If the program was uninstalled in the control panel, but still shows up in msconfig, just right-click and disable the entry.

If you can’t live with the disabled entry in MSCONFIG, you will probably need to re-install the program, then uninstall it again.

The only other way to remove a program entirely from MSConfig’s Startup list is to edit the Windows Registry, which is something I don’t recommend, since making a mistake in the Registry can result in Windows no longer working.


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