How To Remove “Read Only”

Dear Computer Lady,

How do I convert files from read only to be able to edit and save? Also why can’t I delete files? I follow the instructions in Word 2003 help but when I right click, delete is not one of the options.

Thanks in advance for all your wonderful help, Peg


Dear Peg,

A file is usually read only because it is on an optical disk like a CD or DVD. Sometimes when we copy a file from the disk to our hard drive, it stays in the read only format. You also can’t delete a file that is stored on an optical disk.

In order to change the file properties, you will need to copy it to your computer so that it is not on the disk and you need to access it using Windows Explorer. Many people try to make changes to a file while they have it open in Word. This is not the way to delete or make changes to files.

To change the read only property, locate your document using Windows Explorer.

For example, if the file is in your documents folder, click on “Start” and then click on “Documents” or “My Documents” depending on what version of windows you are using.

Right click on the file, and click on “Properties”. This will open a small dialog box.

At the bottom of the dialog box, click to remove the check mark in front of “Read Only”.

Click the “OK” button to save your changes and close the dialog box.

I suspect that you are having the same type of problem with deleting the files. You can’t delete a file if you have it open in Word. Just close Word, and follow the directions above. When you right click on a file, one of the options will be “Delete”.


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