How To Send A Web Page by Email

Dear Computer Lady,

How does one forward website via email a using Vista?

The drop down box that appears when the 3 bars in the upper right corner doesn’t display choice to do this.

It seems very strange not to be able to do this task.

Thank You for your newsletters, Marlene

Dear Marlene,

I am not sure exactly which version of Internet Explorer you are using, (or even if you are actually using Internet Explorer) but I do have a couple of options for you to try.

First, try accessing the menu bar in Internet Explorer by tapping the, “Alt” key on your keyboard. Once the menu bar is displayed, you should find the option to forward the website like usual.

If you are unable to find the command, you can always click once in the address bar to highlight the URL, use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + C to copy the URL, then open an email message in the usual way, and paste the URL in the email message.

I hope one of these methods will work for you.



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