How To Shut Down Correctly

Dear Computer Lady,

Thanks for all your help. You are a wealth of knowledge. Just a quick question I was wondering. What is the reason for exiting out of all programs before shutting down the computer? What happens if this isn’t done?

Thanks, Sherry


Dear Sherry,

Exiting out of programs gives them a chance to close out correctly.

Many programs need to save information before they close.

Some programs create many temporary files, and will clean those files up when you shut the program down.

A lot of e-mail programs will empty the deleted items folder when you exit out of the program.

Your internet browser can be set to empty temporary files when you exit.

For the most part, when you shut down Windows, your programs will be shut down correctly as part of the shut down process. I do believe there are fewer chances for errors when you close all your programs first.


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