How To Sort Files and Folders By Date

Dear computer lady,

I really enjoy your information but I would like to file info onto my data stick by date and not alphabetically.

Can you help me? Mary K

Dear Mary,

I can help you with your computer question!

It is not a matter of storing your files differently, you only need to change the way you are viewing them.

Here is how to do that.

1. Insert your data stick (also known as a flash drive or thumb drive) into your computer and when the dialog box comes up, click “Open Folder To View Files”

2. This will bring up Windows Explorer.

3. In the Windows Explorer window, there is a row across the top that contains the heading for each column.

4. Since your files are now being sorted alphabetically by name, you should see a small triangle in the “Name” section.

5. Click on the heading that says, “Date Modified” and that triangle will move to the “Date Modified” section and your files will be sorted by the date the files were last modified.

6. If you click again on “Date Modified” it will reverse the order the files are sorted.

Using this method, you can sort your files by any of the columns listed. This is helpful if you want to find the largest or smallest files in a folder.


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