How To Stop Mouse Pointer From Freezing

[ad]Dear Computer Lady,

I have Windows 8.1 pro and am having a problem with my mouse arrow.

For some reason every once in a while it will stop working and my computer will freeze up. I try control-Alt-Delete but the task manager will not come up.

I have to manually shut it down and then reboot it to get it to work again. Have you come across this problem before?

Sincerely, Kelly

Dear Kelly,

It sounds like the problem is not with your mouse pointer, but with the computer freezing up.

This can be caused by many things, often the culprit is some sort of malware or advertising software. It could be caused by overheating, but if it was overheating then you would have to wait a while after rebooting for it to cool down before it would work again.

I would start by going to the control panel and uninstalling any programs that you don’t need. Be sure to remove any search helpers, toolbars, anything to do with coupons and any software that you don’t remember installing.

If this doesn’t help, download a good utility like ccleaner at and clean out the temporary files. Ccleaner also has a tools section where you can easily disable startup items. Check that section to see if there is anything that you can turn off.

If none of these suggestions help, you can always bring the computer in to your local repair shop. I would be happy to take a look at it for you if you live in the area.



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