How To Uninstall PC Boost Cleaner

Dear Computer Lady,

Enjoy your emails, they are so helpful. I have a problem and need your help.

I installed a PC Boost cleaner that I thought was free. Now I can’t close the program from running so I can uninstall it.

Can you help me figure out how to get it closed?
When I click on anything to close it it won’t close.

Looking forward to your answer, Linda

Dear Linda,

The best thing to do, is probably to start your computer in Safe Mode and then uninstall the program.

To start your computer in safe mode, shut down the computer, then turn it on, and tap the “F8” button in the top row of your keyboard once every second until you see a menu on the screen with the option to start in safe mode.

Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to highlight “Safe Mode” then press the enter key and wait for Windows to load. It will take a little longer to boot into safe mode.

Once your computer has finished starting up, and you can see your start menu, click on “Start” and go to the Control Panel to uninstall the program.

When you have finished uninstalling the program, restart your computer in the normal way, and you should be all set.



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