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Dear Computer Lady,

I just wanted to write to you, we have a windows 98 second edition computer.

It was previously used for a business. We wanted to erase the entire hard drive. We went through dos and hit c:\format 

and yes we formatted the drive.

Now it will not let us reinstall windows 98 saying there is an invalid system disk.

We have a diskette drive and a cd r/rw too. The system disk is on cd.

What can we do to get my pc up and running again? Thanks




Dear Holly,

You will need a Windows 98 boot floppy disk.

Once you have the disk, put the Windows 98, CD in the CD-ROM drive and the floppy disk in the floppy drive.

The computer should boot to the floppy disk and give you several options. Choose the enable CD-ROM access option and let it finish booting.

When it gets to the A: prompt, look at the line above, it will tell you the drive letter of the CD-ROM. If the letter is E: for example, you would type:


and press enter. This should start the Windows Setup from the CD-ROM.



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