Jumbled Files

Dear Computer Lady,

All my files when I search for the one I need are not in alphabetical order – a real jumble – what caused this mess? 

I thoroughly read and learn so much from your column that appears in the Weekly Sentinel and also Making it at Home. Keep up the good work you do.

Thank you,
Wells, Maine


Dear Raymond,

I commonly hear from people who accidentally change how their files are sorted. This can be a powerful tool when looking for a certain type of file, but is confusing if you don’t realize what has happened.

I would suggest that you open the folder containing your files and look at the headings across the top of the list of files. Most folders contain headings for the file “Name” and the “Date modified” the “Type” of file and the “Size” of the file.

If you click directly on one of those headings, the files in the window will be sorted by that heading.

If you click once on “Name” your files will be sorted alphabetically (Folders will be listed first, then files). Click a second time on “Name” and the order will be reversed.

If you are looking for a recently created or modified file, click on “Date Modified” and your files and folders will be listed with the most recent first. Click on “Date Modified” again, and the oldest files will be at the top.

If you are looking for the largest file in the folder, click on “Size” and your files will be listed with the largest first. Click on “Size” again, and the smallest files will be on the top.

Since you are looking for your files to be in alphabetical order, you will just need to click on “Name” to get the results you are looking for.


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    • wiggle
    • July 19, 2009

    When I want to share a web site with someone,I just click on file ,then , send link.
    Enjoy your newsletters very much.Lots of useful information.

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