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Dear Computer Lady,

What does it mean when you are working on your computer and you get that little blue circle that goes round and round but doesn’t allow you to do any work?

Thanks, Margo

Dear Margo,

That little blue circle that goes round and round is meant to show that the computer is busy and can’t respond to you right now.

Usually, the blue circle only shows momentarily and then you can get back to work, but sometimes your computer can get stuck on some background task and make you wait longer.

If the blue circle is interfering with your work, here are some things you can try.

1. Reboot your computer. Sometimes that is all it takes to get back to work. Just save your open files (if you can), then click on “Start” point to “Power” and then click on “restart”.

2. Close programs that are running in the background. If your computer is trying to do too many things at once, this will reduce the workload. Just press Ctrl + Alt + Del at the same time, click on “Task Manager” and check the running apps. You can also click on “More Details” in the lower-left corner of task manager then click the “Startup” tab. Here you can disable program that are starting automatically when Windows starts.

3. If you have a small amount of RAM (Random Access Memory) on your computer, you can add more RAM (if your computer can take it). For example, I have 16GB of RAM on my computer, but I often work on computers that have only 2 or 4 GB. Since buying the correct type of RAM is the hardest part, I would suggest you get your local computer repair shop to do the upgrade.

Hope this helps speed thing up.



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