Menu Bar Trick in Windows 10

Dear Computer Lady,

A couple days ago Windows 10 was installed on my PC.

Overall I think it is a very good system. However, I have lost my menu bar (File, Edit, Copy, etc.) at the top of the page.

How do I restore this bar. Thank you for all the great information you have shared over the years.

Robert in CA.

Dear Robert,

You haven’t specified which program or app you have lost your toolbar in, but this trick should work in most programs.

Just tap the “Alt” key on your keyboard and the menu bar will temporarily appear.

If you want it to be visible all the time, just follow these directions:

Tap the “Alt” key to bring up the menu bar.

Click on “View”, point to “Toolbars” and click on “Menu Bar”.

Now the menu bar will always be visible.

This will work in most Windows programs.



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