Missing DLL File

Dear Computer Lady,

Hi! Dennis Gaskill sent me, he said you might be able to help me. I surely hope so!

My problem: I have somehow lost a dll. (sounds of Mary had a little lamb playing) I don’t know how I lost it, didn’t even know I had lost it, until I ran an update on my HTML editor (CoffeeCup HTML) and whew boy! Icons and everything blew up at least 3 sizes and now nothing works. The software company can only offer, “check your registry”. Uh,excuse me, I don’t know that much about the mysterious inner workings of my computer, nor do I feel secure poking around under the hood of the thing!

Can you tell me, is there someway I can ‘reinstall’ the wayward dll without resorting to the registry key?

Is there some magical place that I can look and find the answer to this pounding question?

Thanks so much! Lucinda


Dear Lucinda,

A dll file, or Dynamic link library, is a collection of subroutines stored on your hard drive, which can be accessed by a running program. Dll files save time and space on your computer since more than one program can access the same file, and the people who create programs don’t have to re-write basic tasks.

I’m curious how you know that your problem is caused by a missing dll file… the symptoms you describe sound more like something has become corrupt in Windows. While it could be a dll file, it might be another type of file entirely.

Fortunately for us, there is probably an easy answer that does not require us to know all about dll files and subroutines. *smile*

Since you did not state otherwise, I am going to assume that you are running a personal computer with a recent version of Windows on it. If this is the case, you should start by restoring your computer to an earlier date (a date before your problems started) and see if that fixes your problem.

You can access the system restore program in the start menu under accessories.

Click on “Start”, point to “Programs” or “All Programs” depending on what version of Windows you are running.

Click on Accessories, then “System Tools” and finally click on “System Restore”.

You should be able to follow the prompts and select a date to restore to.

If you are interested in more technical help, you might want to try www.freePCtech.com


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    • cindym
    • October 21, 2011

    I hear this all the time about “system restore”. I used to be able to use by restore points, but for over a year now, none of them work. No one has been able to help me and seems to know why this happened. Any time I download an update or new program, I would like to set a restore point in case something happens, but I can no longer do that. Makes me uneasy to do any updates now.

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