Missing Favorites Folder

Dear Computer Lady,

I really like your website and your newsletter. I have vista home premium on a HP desktop and using Internet Explorer 8 . When I click on favorites it tells me it is at a location that is unavailable. I had favorites when I purchased this in may but about 4 weeks ago they disappeared. i have them in a folder but it will not import them . i would appreciate any help you may have.

Thanks for the great work, Nancy


Dear Nancy,

Thank you for your question. Based on the information that you have given me, I am guessing that somehow about 4 weeks ago, you accidentally moved your favorites folder and now Internet Explorer cannot find it.

First, we will need to check and see if my theory is right. Click on the “Start Orb” and then click on your user name located at the top of the right hand column.

You will see a list of folders. This list should include a “Favorites” folder. If not, we have found the reason for your problem.

If the “Favorites” folder is not where it should be, you will have to do a little bit of searching to find it, and then put it back where it belongs. Quite often, people accidentally move a file or folder by dragging it over another folder. I have done this numerous times myself. You will probably be able to find your favorites folder by opening a few of the folders in your user account.

Once you find your favorites folder, you can drag it from its current location, back into your user folder.


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