NVIDIA Error After Update

[ad]Dear Computer Lady,

I have subscribed & read your newsletters for years & have learned a whole lot from you! This is my first question & hope that you can help with the annoying problem.

I have an HP desk top computer w/windows 7, IE 10.

Somehow, back on 4/16 a program NVIDIA was downloaded on my computer.
I seem to believe that it was included in the Windows update.
I know nothing about this program, other than it is giving me lots of grief.

There is a NVIDIA icon sitting in my system tray & continually appears when starting up the computer. It brings up ” USB device not recognized “. I can see in the control panel the following ; ( installed 4/16/ )
NVIDIA update 1.10.8 NVIDIA graphics driver 307.83
I have clicked on the icon in the system tray & tried to uninstall but it continues to reinstall.
What is this program used for, do I need it & what can I do to solve the problem ?
I am not confident to try to remove it from the Control add & remove programs.
I fear one day my computer may stop working.
Computer Lady, Your help would be so greatly appreciated.

Dear Ang,

While I can’t be certain what the NVIDIA program is for without actually looking at your computer, I can tell you that NVIDIA is a company that creates graphics cards (responsible for sending the signal from your computer to the monitor screen) so there is a good chance that the update was simply an update for your graphics card.

I am not sure what the USB device error message is about, I am not aware of any USB devices made by NVIDIA.

Since you need your graphics software to use your computer, I would suggest that you leave the NVIDIA software installed.



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    • donmac71
    • November 5, 2013

    Re:NVIDIA Error
    I get the error message when I plug
    in my Kindle to a USB outlet to charge it.
    I have checked all my USB outlets and they
    are working. I have no trouble charging
    my Kindle, so I ignore the message that it
    is not recognized.
    Don MacDonald

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