Other People Logged on

Dear Computer Lady,

Sometime when i turn my computer off it will say other people are logged on to my computer how can i stop this ?

Thanks Wanda

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Dear Wanda,

The situation you are describing usually happens when you have more than one person logged onto the computer. I think it is easiest to explain with an example.

Jim and Mary both use the same computer at home, and each of them has their own user set up. When Mary uses the computer, she turns it on, clicks on her username (Mary) and then uses the computer to search for a good dinner recipe.

When Jim gets home, he sits at the computer and switches the user to his account. When he does this using the “Switch User” command, Mary’s account is still open in the background even though you can’t see any evidence of it.

With both user accounts open, when either Jim or Mary goes to turn the computer off, the message will appear that there are other people logged on to the computer.

The best way to avoid this, is to use the “Log Off” command instead of “Switch User”. This will shut down the user that is open, and only one user account will be active at a time.

I hope this helps, Elizabeth

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