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Dear Computer Lady,

I have win XP home version and I can’t seem to figure out how to get my frequently used icons at the bottom of my task bar, especially the one that minimizes all programs with one click.



Dear Susan,

I believe the icons you are looking for are on what is called the Quick Launch toolbar. This toolbar contains icons for the internet, e-mail and other programs along with a “Show Desktop” icon that minimizes all open windows.

Here is how you can get the Quick Launch toolbar back.

1. Right click on a blank spot on the taskbar and if there is a check-mark in front of “Lock the Taskbar” click on it once to remove it.

2. Right click on a blank spot on the taskbar again and point to “Toolbars” and then click on “Quick Launch” This will put the Quick Launch toolbar on your taskbar near the start button.

3. If you like the Quick Launch toolbar where it is, then you are done, but I like to put mine at the top of my screen. To do that, position your cursor over the 7 little dots to the left of the toolbar and holding down on the left mouse button, drag the cursor to the top of the screen. Release the mouse button.

4. Now, you can add icons to the Quick Launch Toolbar by dragging them from the desktop or start menu.

The Quick Launch Toolbar is also available in Windows 98 and ME.


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