Registry Changes

Dear Computer Lady,

I have a window that pops up occasionally that I do not understand. It says that it wants to change a registry and wants to know if this is okay.

1) What is a register

2) I always say no. Is this correct?

Thank you, Duke


Dear Duke,

The windows registry is nothing more than a database of settings that Windows uses when it starts up.

When you install a program, that program will often make changes to the registry that will help the program work better.

When you make changes to your settings, like changing the desktop wallpaper, or setting a new internet home page, you are making changes to the registry.

Unfortunately, malicious programs like viruses and spyware also make changes to the registry.

You have a program installed on your computer that is monitoring your registry and asking you to approve each change that is made.

So, if you make changes in the control panel, or a setting somewhere and the window pops up, you can click “yes” and allow the change to be made.

If you have just installed a new program and the window pops up, you will be safe to click, “Yes”.

If, however, you have not installed any programs, or changed any settings, and this window pops up, you want to click “No” to protect your computer from unwanted changes.


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