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[ad]Dear Computer Lady,

My computer is XP but over 12 years old and a bit slow 17 inch laptop used like desktop in several places without a battery installed.

What are your best advice for a choice of a current operating system in choosing my new computer very soon. Would you recomend a apple over ibm computer today? I use a nook tablet and have a samsung note 2 smart phone this past year.

Thanks Mel

Dear Mel,

Since you are upgrading from a Windows operating system, and you own android devices, I would not advise that you switch to an apple computer instead of another Windows operating system. The Mac computer is a completely different type of computer, and your current software programs will probably not work on a Mac.

Right now, the only Windows operating system readily available is Windows 8. I am using Windows 8 on my computer here in the office, and I find that it is a great operating system.

Many people are frustrated by the new start screen instead of a pop-up start menu, but that is easy to fix with a 3rd party program, that is either low cost or free of charge. My favorite one at the moment is classic shell at

Other than the new way of navigating, there are very few complaints from my customers about Windows 8.

You definitely don’t want to keep using XP. Now that Microsoft is no longer providing security updates for XP, your computer will still run, but it will become increasingly more vulnerable to hackers and viruses. You don’t want your computer to become infected and then used to attack whatever target the criminals behind the malware have in mind.



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    • kylesgranma
    • November 22, 2014

    After using XP for many years I updated to Windows 8.1. Was not happy with it, but found Classic Shell and it was a life saver. At 84 I just did not like all the bells and whistles on Windows 8. Now I couldn’t be happier with classic shell.Hope this works for you, too.

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