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[ad]Dear Computer Lady,

I have enjoyed your information for a long time. Keep up the great work.

My problem: I have a Lap Top and I use a second monitor as my main display device.

I have LOTS of desk top short-cut ICONS spread over both monitors.

When I disconnect my main display monitor, all ICONS get scrambled.

When I reconnect the main monitor, all my ICONS remain scrambled.

Is there any way I can stop this? Michael

Dear Michael,

I can picture exactly what you are describing because the same thing happens when you change the resolution on a monitor and the desktop icons get rearranged.

I am not aware of a way to stop this from happening, hopefully someone else will have an idea for us, but I can give you a few tips to help you keep the icons in place.

If you kept all your desktop shortcuts on the laptop screen, they would not need to re-arrange themselves when you are using the laptop without the second monitor.

If you have too many icons for that to work, you could try organizing the icons into folders. For example, on my desktop, I have all the shortcuts that I use for web design in one folder, I have all the shortcuts for computer repair programs in another folder, and sewing shortcuts in another folder.



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