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Dear Computer Lady,

I love the newsletter! It has really been helpful. 

I have Windows-XP. Now I get something called “Messenger Service” that I understand is put on my computer by Microsoft. It is most annoying. 

Is there a way of getting rid of these with out sending them $30 (that is one of the pop-ups). I sometimes get as many as 5, one after another. 

Help! Jeanne 




Dear Jeanne,

You can turn off the messenger service in XP. Here is how:

1. Click on “Start”, then “Control Panel”, “Performance & Maintenance”, “Administrative Tools”, and “Services”.

2. This will open up the “Services” window. Scroll down the list of services until you find “Messenger” and double click on Messenger.

3. In the Messenger Properties window, click on the “General” tab and next to “Startup Type” select “Disabled”. Then, Under Service Status click Stop.

4. Click “OK”. This should stop all messenger spam



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