The Secret To Speeding Up Your Computer Using Only Windows Apps

[ad]Dear Computer Lady,

I have got myself into problems by installing programs that are supposed to make my computer operate more efficiently.
I completely trust your advice. Is registry reviver by Riversoft a safe and reliable program that will do what it advertises to do?

If not what program would you suggest.?

They also offer a program to keep all my driver updates current.

Please Help! Thanks so very much. you are a blessing to so many novice computer learners. Carroll

Dear Carroll,

I am not a big fan of programs that claim to make your computer run faster or more efficiently. I am also not a big fan of driver update programs.

Most of the time, these programs are just making empty promises so they can sell you their product, and many of them come with toolbars and helpers that slow your computer down even more.

Instead of installing this type of program, I would suggest a couple of things.

First, check for windows updates and install them every month. Windows updates often include driver updates for your computer.

Second, run Disk Cleanup on your computer. This is available in all versions of Windows. Just open Windows Explorer, right click on your hard drive, click “Properties” and then click the “Disk Cleanup” button.

These two features are already on your computer, won’t cost you any money, and won’t slow your computer down.



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