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Dear Computer Lady,

I was going through my files with Search Everything, when I found hundreds of inconsequential pictures that had no bearing or use to the function of my computer.

I have a Dell XPS 420, which I bought new from Dell 4 years ago. I have no particular use for these pictures and would like to know if I can batch delete them without harming my computer. Most of the pictures consists of weird circles and squares, and have no idea where they came from.

Hoping to hear from you soon, thank you in advance.


Dear Teddy,

I don’t think that it is safe to assume that these pictures have no bearing or use to the function of the computer.

Windows is a graphical user interface, and it uses images to display the icons and menus that you use. Some of this graphics are not 1 complete image, but they are made up of bits of smaller images.

If you delete some of the images that Windows or other programs on your computer uses for the graphical interface, you would not be able to use the basic icons and menus to navigate around your computer.

It is possible that these images are part of your internet cache. If that is the case, you can safely remove them. To be sure, don’t just delete the images from your search, but go to your web browser and delete your temporary files from there.

Removing these images won’t break the hardware of your computer, but it could result in you having to re-install Windows or other software programs.



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