User Profile Failed the Login

Dear computer lady

My question is I got a message that says
(the user profile service – service failed the login.
User profile cannot be loaded.).

Does it cost much to have someone open my register and fix it?

I’m afraid I would mess it up.

Thank you for all your help, Carol

Dear Carol,

That message means that you have a corrupt user profile. This seems to be a fairly common problem lately, and while it is not easy to fix, I have successfully fixed it for quite a few of my customers recently.

I don’t know what the computer shops in your area charge for this service, but in my shop, the cost is either two or three hours of labor depending on what is needed to set you up with a working user profile.

The good news is that Windows 10 handles a corrupt user profile much better than Windows 7. It automatically creates a new user profile for you if the old one becomes corrupt. This way, you can keep using the computer and get the files from your old profile.



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