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How do you find out what’s on start-up and how do you go to it?

Thanks, June

Dear June,

It depends on what version of Windows you have.

All versions of Windows since Windows 98 use a utility called the Microsoft System Configuration Utility which can be accessed by typing, msconfig in the search section of your start menu. This utility is used to troubleshoot the Windows startup process, and you can temporarily disable programs and services that automatically run when Windows Starts up.

To use the Microsoft System Configuration Utility in Windows 7 and earlier, just click on the “Start” button and type, “msconfig” (without the quotes) then tap the “Enter” key.

To Access this information in Windows 8 and 10, you will need to open the Task Manager, which can easily be done using the keyboard combination, Ctrl + Alt + Del, then click on “Task Manager”

In both cases, you would then click on the “Startup” tab and go through the list of processes that automatically startup when Windows starts.

You can safely disable most of these items, then restart your computer and see if it helps with the problems you are having. I would not disable your security software, as that is what keeps you safe from viruses and malware.



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    To go to the Task Manager directly, use the keyboard combination, Ctrl + Shift + ESC,

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