What Do All These Programs Do?

Dear Elizabeth,

I have quite a few programs on my computer and sometimes it is a mystery as to what each of them do. Is there an app that will allow me to attach a description to each program on my list of programs?

Thank you for the great job you do.


Dear Sheryl,

While I am not aware of any application that will do what you are asking, there is a feature in Windows that should help you somewhat.

When you are looking through the programs in your start menu.

(Click on “Start” and then “Programs” or “All Programs”)

Just hover your mouse over the name of a program and a small tip will appear. Sometimes these tips just repeat the name of the program, but often, they will have information about the program.

As an example, I just hovered my mouse over the “Internet Explorer” icon in my start menu, and the tip said, “Finds and displays information and Web Sites on the Internet”.


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    • PC Man
    • September 17, 2011

    If she wanted to edit or add to the description she just read, she could right click on the name of the program and choose “properties”.Then edit the “comment box”,click “apply” and “OK”.

    • froglady55
    • October 3, 2011

    Another excellent program, to provide more details than Task Manager, to find what each running process is associated with, use Process Explorer. It provides way more information than most people need, but it is detailed, and small (1.75 MB)

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