Windows Doesn’t Keep Time

[ad]Dear Computer Lady,

I’ve subscribed for awhile now and have a question that I hope you can answer.

In the last few months the clock on my computer has been gaining time. I reset it once a week but it picks up three or four minutes each week.
Why is it doing that? And is there a fix for it?

My computer is a Dell Dimension 2400 with XP 3.

Thanks, Cheryl

Dear Cheryl,

This is such a common problem with computers that Microsoft actually has built in a “fix” for it by giving you the option to have your computer automatically synchronize with an internet time server.

This function compares the clock on your computer and updates it to match the clock on the time server. This ensures that the clock on your computer is accurate. If you have this setting turned on, it should update once a week as long as you are connected to the internet at the time.

You can turn on the Internet Time sync with these directions:

1. Click on the time in the lower-right corner of your screen.

2. Click on “Change Date & Time Settings”.

3. Click on the “Internet Time” tab in the dialog box.

4. Click the “Change Settings” button.

5. Click to place a check mark in front of, “Synchronize with an Internet Time Server”.

6. Click both “OK” buttons to save your changes and close the dialog boxes.



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    • ron007
    • November 16, 2013

    It sounds like an older machine that has had a good run. The clock speeding up reminds me of a light bulb that burns brighter just before it burns out. That suggests the clock in your computer may be “thinking” about burning out. You should do an immediate backup of all data on your computer.

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