Windows Open Too Small

Dear Computer Lady,

Hi and thanks for the great newsletter. My question is this:

I had, had my browser windows maximized, so that every time I opened one, it was maximized without having to click on the maximize button.

For some reason, now they won’t do that and I can’t figure out what I changed to make it do that. They are all smaller now and I have to hit the max. button or increase with the arrows.

Can you help? Thanks, Susan


Dear Susan,

Your problem seems to be a fairly common one, and there is no official fix for this problem.

What I do have for you is a little trick that seems to work most of the time.

Open your browser, maximize it so that the window is the way you want it, then hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard while you close the window.

Repeat this process several times until the browser opens in the maximized position. It might take just a few times, but it might take a lot of times.

This trick almost always works.


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    • Egirl
    • July 29, 2011

    This always works for me:

    If you want Internet Explore to open full-size when you start it up, you must first start IE. Then maximize the window. Now click File, then Close. Now restart IE, and it should start up in a full-sized window. If half of the window is off the screen when you start a program, bring the window to the location you want and then click File and then Close, and it will re-open in this position the next time.

    Changing the size of windows that appear when you click on an Internet link takes a few more steps.

    Open Internet Explorer. Now open another instance of Internet Explorer so that you have two running at the same time. In the second one, right-click a link and select Open In New Window. If the new window does not start in full screen, simply resize the window by dragging the edges out to the sides of the screen. Do not use the max button.

    Close the first window by selecting File, then Close. Now close the window you just made full size. But close it by holding down the Control key and selecting File, then Close. Do not release the Control key until the window is closed.

    Now close the last Internet Explorer window. If you do this right, the settings will stick. You may or may not have to reboot, depending on your operating system.

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